Monday, September 14, 2009


WOW BLOGGERS!!!!!!.....this here takes being a pervert to anotha level. how bout this 45 yr old guy from main(ha main man) Garry Moody is being accused of sneaking under an outhouse for his own pleasure, seing women naked(WOW THIS GUY IS SICK). This is where the situation gets REAL SHITTY, this was not his first time doin it!!!!. He was caught previously in the sewage tank of an outhouse along the kancamagus highway. Moody reported to police that....

"I was not doing anything wrong, I had gone into the sewage tank to retrieve my wedding ring I accidentally dropped it while changing clothes"(BULL SHIT)

he pleaded innocent to the charges then forced by his lawyer to plead guilty because of the rediculous lie he told and because his lawyer was embarrased to represent him. he was eventually charged with disorderly conduct.

Bloggers im really fasinated by this story, im still tryna figure out how he actually got underneath there??? and how bad did he actaully smell???....i believe everyone agrees this guy is a load of shit!!!!(feel free 2 comment this and give me your thoughts) they should be interesting

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