Monday, October 5, 2009


70-year-old Laxmibai discovered she had a nose bleed but didn think to much about it until it proceeded 5 more days with no clots. on the 5th day she came to the conclusion "mayb i need 2 c a doctor" and she does. when she arrives at the hospital the doctors came up with the result "Inconclusive" they could not find the cause of her persistent nose bleed. she went to another hospital to receive a second opinion and they diagnosed her with having maggots in her turns out the old woman remembered a fly crawlin n her nose about 5 days ago(hmmm???)and doctors said there were 40 larvaes that were laid. when the eggs unhatched they began eating away at the flesh on the inside of her nose causing the continuous bleeding.

wow this is probably one of the craziest stories ive done yet and my advice to this woman would be " INVEST IN A F***N FLY SWATTER, AND DONT LET FLIES CRAWL UP YOUR NOSE...WUT THA HELL" BLOGGERS IF YU HAVE ANY ADVICE 4 THIS LADY LEAVE IT N A COMMENT...