Sunday, August 30, 2009


Jose mestre is a victim of an horrific facial disfigurment. he is known all around the world as the man with no face. he has been losing his face for the past 35 years!!!!!.....his face is just a collection of blood vessles and muscles. he has no visible eyes or nose, the only thing that humanizes him is the fact he has ears!!!!....MAN it sucks to be him, if that were me.....better yet...bloggers if you're out there tell me what you would do if yu were put in this situation.....i'll comment back letting yu kno i read your comments and post


  1. depending on if the condition was reversible or not i would have two options 1: get it fixed or 2: kill myself so i wouldnt have to live like that.

  2. Charles_J - were you listening in class? The music on your website/blog was my idea! haha.. good job - can you make any money if someone buys the track or ringtone?

    Told one of your classmates that the South African gold medal winner of the 800 meters from the World Championships was just found to be a hermaphrodite.... kind of fits in with your blog... heads up - keep it up!