Monday, November 2, 2009


an Indonesian fisherman seeks to find new hope for his rare disease being part man and part tree. he look s toward American researchers, because he believes the growth attatched to his skin will eventually lead to his death leaving his two kids on their own. he's very popular in his village and he is commonly known as the tree man. the fisherman has had the disease for about 20 years and it has baffled doctors all around the world. his physical appearance consist of the root like branches which covers his feet, arms, and hands. the roots continue to get worse and grow every year. on averge he grows about 5cm of new roots every year. sice he cannot fish anymore he has a fulltime job as a circus freak in a traveling circus. his popularity has spread across the world landing him a spot on the discovery channle titled "Half Man Half Tree"

bloggers i honestly feel fro this dude, but i honslty think he can find a job better than beng a circus freak....he could pick up hobbies such as a professional back scratcher or get a lead role in a play as "THE TREE"....bloggers please give me your input and your thoughts...thx

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